Odessa International Film Festival

On Saturday was held the closing ceremony of Second Odessa International Film Festival, which took place in Odessa, 15-23 July 2011 with support from TM “Shustov”. On the red carpet to walk in front of the Odessa Opera House were members of OIFF jury – Maria de Medeiros, Ada Rogovtseva, Jerzy Stuhr, Valeri Todorovski, Klaus Eder, and special guests of the festival – Oksana Fandera,...

Russian Idioms

Одна нога здесь, другая там – [odna noga zd'es' drugaya tam]- One foot’s here, the other’s there. To go and fetch, to run and fetch; to do something very quickly, with lightning speed. Ни рыба ни мясо – [ni ryba ni m'aso]- Neither fish nor meat. A mediocre person. Не ударить в грязь лицом – [n'e udarit' v gr'az'...

More accommodation options

We are happy to inform that there are new accommodation options available such as staying in a separate room with a local host family. This is cheaper than renting a flat and it is also a good way to practise your Russian ;-)

Popular Russian female names

Full names and their short forms Александра  (Саша, Шура) Алла Анастасия  (Настя) Анна  (Аня) Антонина (Тоня) Валентина  (Валя) Варвара  (Варя) Вера Виктория  (Вика) Галина  (Галя) Дарья  (Даша) Евгения  (Женя) Екатерина  (Катя) Елена  (Лена,...

Popular Russian male names

Full names and their short forms Александр  (Саша) Алексей  (Алёша) Анатолий  (Толя) Андрей Антон Аркадий  (Аркаша) Борис  (Боря) Вадим  (Вадик) Валентин  (Валя) Валерий  (Валера) Василий  (Вася) Виктор  (Витя) Виталий  (Виталик) Владимир  (Вова,...

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