Students’ reviews

We have added our students’ reviews to the “About Us” page. We hope, this will help you get more impression of what our cenre is like.

Classic Babushka

A new sculpture was opened in Kiev within the Kiev Fashion Park project. It is called “Classic Babushka” and it is exposed in Taras Shevchenko Park in Kiev. The sculpture presents a traditional Ukrainian old woman (babushka) who is sitting on a bench and is gossiping about her neighbours. She is eating sunflower seeds.

Festival INTENFERENTSIA 2011 August 19-21 Otrada Beach

Festival INTENFERENTSIA- ИНТЕРФЕРЕНЦИЯ-2011 August 19, 20, 21 Odessa, summer beach club “Ostrov sokrovishch” (Otrada Beach) Programme: Day 1 – Friday, Augus 19 radiosaygon (Николаев) Ленивый день Библиотека Просперо (Новая Каховка) MOD Каренина Quiero Море внутри Белка и Стрелка Indirect Day...

A test on Russian proverbs

Interesting on-line test on understanding Russian proverbs (in Russian)

The Festival of Parodies

The second international Festival of parodies «Big difference» is now taking place in Odessa. This year the Festival promises to be special in the literal sense. It will last for 5 days (instead of 2 days last year), also special visitors and a lot of interesting surprises are expected.

A tour to the Vorontsov Lighthouse

Our students Gustav from Sweden, Jelle from Belgium and Uve from Estonia with their wonderful teacher Ann went to a really unique and interesting tour around the Odessa port. They did not only saw the post from the inside and learned a lot about its history, but also came close to the oldest lighthouse in Odessa.

Book Festival

The annual open-air Book Festival “The Green Wave” took place in Odessa’s central street – Deribasiovskaya.
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