Frozen Odessa

It’s -10 in Odessa now… Photos from the “Dolphin” beach – the one next to our school. Photos from

Russian Christmas

Russian Christmas Thirteen days after Western Christmas, on January 7th, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates its Christmas, in accordance with the old Julian calendar. It’s a day of both solemn ritual and joyous celebration After the 1917 Revolution, Christmas was banned throughout Russia, along with other religious celebrations. It wasn’t until 75 years later, in 1992, that the holiday...

Russian Holiday Greetings

C рождеством! [srah-zhdee-STVOHM] Merry Christmas! (lit: With Christmas) Весёлого рождества! [vee-SYOH-lah-vah rah-zhdee-STVAH] Merry Christmas! С Новым годом! [SNO-vim GO-dahm] Happy New Year! (lit: With New Year) Счастливого Нового года! [shchis-LEE-vah-vah NO-vah-vah GO-dah] Happy New Year! От всей души поздравляю с … [aht...

New Year in Odessa!

Happy New Year!
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