About Us

MacMillan Language Centre was born out of the idea that learning a language in Ukraine can and should be better. We believe that language learners wherever they happen to come from deserve the absolute best from each member of the school. Having traveled extensively we understand the importance of being able to communicate with the locals and overcoming any culture shock so at MLC we do everything possible to facilitate a pleasant, productive experience.

It may sound cliche but, at MLC the student is at the centre of the lesson. We are dedicated to ensuring our students practice and produce ‘usable’ language on a daily basis. Sitting and memorizing complex grammatical structures and parroting them back to the teacher is neither effective nor attractive. Language learners need to be inspired if they truly want to make progress and that is what our teachers strive to do. We know that the language learning experience does not start or end in the classroom and as such our administrators are fully committed to making all aspects of your time with us as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

Russian is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. As the lingua franca of the former Soviet Union you can meet Russian speakers from Vilnius to Vladivostok and Russian speaking expatriates can be found the world over. Knowing Russian can be a huge boon for both business and pleasure. Odessa is a beautiful city hugging the Black Sea and makes the perfect backdrop for a language lesson. Odessans are renowned throughout the region for their good nature and sense of humour. You will find plenty of opportunities to speak with Russian speakers whether it is in Odessa’s famous book market, the infamous Privoz market, or in the multitude of restaurants and bars scattered throughout the city.

Our Students’ Reviews

I was in Odessa during the first two weeks of August last year and decided to join my friend Mikael who was already taking some Russian classes at the MacMillan Language Centre. He was very enthusiastic and positive about it and therefore I thought it would be a good idea to try aswell and improve my knowledge of Russian. I was not disappointed at all and I took lot of advantage of the (almost) private lessons. Globally, a very positive experience. I hope the school will be able to receive more students in the future.

Alexander (Belgium)

I attented the school in summer 2010. Overall I was satisfied with it. Sasha is very helpfull and willing to assist in organising additional trips/excursions. The provided education-material is good too. Hopefully the school will be able to grow in the future.

Ward (The Netherlands)

In July 2011, I attended three weeks of private tuition. During this period I learned more than expected. Aleksandra, my teacher, speaks fluently English and it is obvious she has enjoyed the right education and experience to be an excellent teacher. I could interrupt the normal progress of the lessons for any personal, linguistic or cultural questions. All the teachers I met are very outgoing and friendly people. I definitely recommend this school!

Jelle (Belgium)

I spent 4 weeks at the MacMillan and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. On the one hand, the classes were tailored to my interests and offered lots of language practice, which met my educational needs. But as importantly, the school’s folks immersed me in local life, from helping find accommodation to having me join them for cultural events. In general, I strongly recommend Odessa for Russian studies, as the city is charming, the cost of living is reasonable, and cultural events as well as nightlife very offers something for everyone’s taste.

Uve (Estonia)

If you are looking for intense Russian studies but still want some time for quality leisure in between, then Odessa is the place to go! I had 4 weeks at MacMillan Language Center and it massively improved my Russian and gave me some very good friends, both international and local! The teaching is based on a lot of conversation, you will get frustrated from time to time, but in the end you will realize the method’s power and effectiveness. Odessa and MacMillan is probably one of the best combinations for Russian studies in Ukraine!

Gustav (Sweden)

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