Another Week

I had a busy week of studying Russian and teaching English.  My head is filled with new words and grammatical structures and exceptions, all of those terrible exceptions. It seems that once I master one small piece of the language and start to feel good about my progress a new un-pronouncable word is shown or a new layer of grammar is poured on top of my shaky foundation.

In the end though it is all worthwhile, I am slowly making progress my conversations are moving past simple pleasantries and into the exciting world of actual discourse.  Lots of mistakes are made but I am understood and the people around me are supportive.  Russian speakers take pride in the difficulty of their language and really appreciate those who try to learn it.  They will help you along as you muddle through using improper cases and incorrect plural forms.  An amused smile from a waitress or shop assistant helps lighten the day and makes life just a bit more enjoyable.  I am looking forward to what new words and ideas tomorrow’s lesson will bring.

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