Being a Student

So, I have just started studying Russian…again.  Sometimes when I teach English I can be impatient with my students thinking ‘Why don’t they get this?’ or “Aren’t they thinking about the language?’, well a few Russian lessons can be very humbling.  I’ve been in Odessa for over three years and have studied off and on; I generally thought my Russian wasn’t bad.  At least until I realized I couldn’t create a possessive, unfortunately there is no ( ‘s) in Russian to bail me out.  My thoughts are laboured and imperfect as I struggle to put sentences and more importantly coherent thoughts together.  It’s always good for teachers to come off of their mountains from time to time and experience the dirty, difficult work of the student.  Seeing things through someone else’s eyes helps me understand them, to be more patient, more empathetic, and ultimately to make me a better teacher.

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