Odessa Tram in the Forbes List

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Odessa tram- the hero of anecdotes (Ukraine)

Fees: 1.5 hryvnia ($ 0,001) per trip.Odessa tram system is the oldest (opened in 1910), not the longest or most downloaded. And the trams that ply the streets of this city, are neither particularly beautiful nor a special design.

They are mostly the same appearance as in many cities of the former Soviet Union. What’s so special about them? The answer lies in the phrase “Odessa Tram.” It’s not about one another tram in the world is not composed many jokes and anecdotes, many about him.

Odessa – capital of the world of humor and laughter, and Odessa could not get around such an important topic for himself as a “streetcar.”

He – a full-fledged hero of the works of Isaac Babel, Ilf and Petrov, Mikhail Zhvanetsky, and a trip on it – not just a trip, and immersion in the legend, in a special atmosphere, which is so famous Odessa, and the best way to get acquainted with all its attractions.

But remember: this tram you need to follow every word! Otherwise you may have this dialogue: Girl, tell the conductor for a ticket! So he’s riding for free!


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