Opening Up

The idea of opening a business is always a nerve-racking one.  So much to do, so much money to invest, so much to lose.  Opening a business in a foreign country, especially one with a reputation for corruption like Ukraine, only compounds those feelings.  Will people show up?  Have we spent enough on advertising?  What’s the most effective kind of advertising?  Where should we be located?  All important questions that are probably best answered in hindsight.  I have been walking around Odessa with a sick feeling in my stomach for the past few weeks as the reality of this venture materializes.

I know I am a very good teacher and I know our other teachers are excellent as well.  I know we put the customer first and we offer value for money.  I know people will have a fantastic experience both at the school and in Odessa but, they need to give us and the city a chance first.  That great unknown, leaving your future in someone else’s hands is a pretty frightening feeling.  BUT, I keep the faith, I believe in our abilities, our plan, and our school so I am sure it will all work out in the end.

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