Russian Holiday Greetings

C рождеством!
Merry Christmas! (lit: With Christmas)
Весёлого рождества!
[vee-SYOH-lah-vah rah-zhdee-STVAH]
Merry Christmas!
С Новым годом!
[SNO-vim GO-dahm]
Happy New Year! (lit: With New Year)
Счастливого Нового года!
[shchis-LEE-vah-vah NO-vah-vah GO-dah]
Happy New Year!
От всей души поздравляю с …
[aht fsehy doo-SHI pahz-drahv-LYAH-yoo s]
My sincere greetings with …
…Новым Годом!
[SNO-vim GO-dahm]
…New Year!
Желаю тебе/вам …
[zheh-LA-yoo teh-BEH/vahm ...]
I wish you …
… счастья.
… happiness.
… удачи.
… good luck.
… здоровья.
… good health.
Пусть сбудутся все твои/ваши мечты!
[poost' ZBOO-doo-tsa fseh tva-EE/VA-shi mehch-TI]
May all your dreams come true!
Желаю всего хорошего.
[zheh-LA-yoo fseh-VO ha-RO-sheh-va]
I wish you all the best.
Счастья и здоровья!
[SHCHAST'-yah ee zda-ROHV'-yah]
(I wish you) Happiness and health!

Note 1: The peculiarities of the Russian personal pronouns caused the necessity of mentioning two variants of some words within a sentence: as a rule the word before a slash is related to informal style, after a slash – to more polite, formal style.

Note 2: For convenience of pronunciation the words are divided into syllables, the capitalized syllables are stressed, the apostrophe (‘) indicates softness of the consonant.

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